This questionnaire is for people who have previously worked within a fire and rescue service in the last five years in England who wish to register their interest to potentially take part in an online interview with independent researchers from Crest Advisory to discuss their experiences and perspectives on the handling of misconduct within the sector. If you currently work in a fire and rescue service, you will be invited to give your experiences through a staff survey within your service. This survey is not intended for those who have left the service more than five years ago. 

We are looking to interview ex-FRS staff who previously worked for a fire and rescue service in the last five years and have had personal experience relating to misconduct whilst in service. For example, if you have formally or informally raised a grievance whilst in service, witnessed poor behaviour of other FRS staff or been the subject of a complaint from a member of the public.

The results of this questionnaire will only be used to select participants for an online interview with independent researchers from Crest Advisory, and is being hosted by Crest Advisory on behalf of HMICFRS. For the purposes of this inspection, prejudicial and improper behaviour (misconduct) is any unacceptable or inappropriate behaviour or acts that breaks workplace rules. For example – bullying, harassment, insubordination or being absent without permission. Your workplace might have had their own examples too. This can include behaviour outside of work that can have a bad effect on the organisation. It should be noted, we are not looking to reopen or review any historic cases.

It typically takes around 5 minutes or less to fill in this questionnaire. There are some optional open text questions that may take longer if you choose to answer them. Other than one question on when you left the service/sector, all questions in this questionnaire are optional, and you can skip any you do not wish to answer. You can stop the questionnaire at any time.

Questionnaire responses are submitted directly to Crest Advisory and are anonymous, unless you volunteer identifying information. If you provide any information during the questionnaire that might identify you, Crest analysts will remove it. If you provide your contact details in order to register your interest to be interviewed, we will be able to identify you and your responses. If you provide your contact details to register interested in being interviewed and you wish to request for your data to be deleted this can be done by emailing

If you give us identifiable information that indicates a crime may have been committed or someone might be at risk, this information may need to be disclosed to a third party to either report the crime or allow safeguarding.

This questionnaire deals with topics of a potentially difficult and sensitive nature such as whether you have experienced or witnessed improper or prejudicial behaviour in the workplace. There are details of support shared at the end of the questionnaire, or if you choose not to take part this information can also be accessed here.

By continuing, you agree for your answers to be collected and processed on this basis. Please click next to begin.