Thank you for your interest in this study. The purpose of this research is to better understand the real-world treatment experience with Xywav® from patients with narcolepsy or idiopathic hypersomnia. We will be asking you some questions to see if you are eligible to participate. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria will be provided with an Informed Consent Form, which explains how the study works and your rights as a study participant. 

If you are confirmed as eligible and you consent to participate in the study, you will be asked to take part in 3 online surveys that will take about 30 minutes each. Online surveys will be completed every 12 weeks (the first survey at baseline [study start], second survey 12 weeks after baseline, and third survey 24 weeks after baseline). You may also be asked to participate in 2 video interviews. Each interview will last up to 45 minutes and will be completed 24 weeks apart (first interview at baseline, and second interview 24 weeks after baseline). If preferred, you may request to complete the interviews via audio-conference only (with no video). For both the online surveys and interviews, you will need to have access to an internet-enabled computer or other device. 

Any information you provide to us as part of this eligibility questionnaire will be treated as confidential except as required by law. Your information will be combined with others like yourself. At all times, your information will be stored in a protected location. Personal identifying information, such as names and locations, will be removed from your data and your personal identifying information will not be passed to any other organization without your permission. Any personal data you give to us as part of the eligibility questionnaire will be deleted 10 years after study completion. 

If you report an adverse event (for example, a side effect of medication) related to any of the study sponsor’s approved products, IQVIA is obligated to report this. If this occurs, you can decide if you would like for your name and contact information to be shared with the sponsor so that it can be passed on to their drug safety department for the express and sole purpose of follow-up of such a report, or you can choose not to have your name and contact information shared with the sponsor. 

This research is being conducted by IQVIA, a healthcare research firm. 

You have the right to withdraw at any time. If you have any questions, please contact

Do you consent to the information above and wish to proceed to see if you are eligible for this study?